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Green intelligence for everyone Re-purpose our AI Marketplace-as-a-Service that helps buyers make greener choices

Award-winning ethical AI marketplace-as-a-Service  Matches buyers to rated bundles of products, processes and people

Our one-of-a-kind NetZero score shows how environmentally responsible the company, producing the solution your customers are buying, is in our and experts’ opinions

Purpose-built for our global government and corporate partners who are adding us to their marketplaces

Adapt our policy-driven, behavioural-led AI marketplaces for your government and partner customers

What does sustainability include?

Sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. These are based on our focus of replenishing what we take from the earth so that we can live within our means and the earth can provide what we need with more to spare.

Biodiversity is decreasing at an alarming rate on average of 60% over the past four decades (Das Gupta Review). ESG ratings and other sustainability indicators have been designed to help businesses and consumers play their part and focus on improving these critical factors.

ESG rating

Carbon neutral


Climate change

Why does sustainability matter?

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental and social impact.

At ProtectBox, we are driving a greater focus on sustainability, educating buyers and making sure our partners and suppliers are accountable to create a transparent AI marketplace for everyone.

Our proprietary NetZero score is built on a wider range of factors to reward suppliers who are making great progress on meeting our high NetZero standards and to make it easier for buyers to make better informed choices that are aligned with their own NetZero and sustainability goals.

ProtectBox has secured part of the Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation Fund to keep the UK’s greenest, most innovative businesses thriving as part of the government’s commitment to build back better in the Government’s modern Industrial Strategy. It is run by UK Research and Innovation.

Find sustainable solutions

Did you know?

1 human living in the UK outputs 14 tonnes of carbon per year


One tree sequesters 10 tonnes of carbon over 40 years

CO2e removed in year 1 is 1.2kg per tree

As trees mature they will provide a home for a range of as many as 50+ different species

The trees also provide a consistent income to the local community who will be planting them

We're driving a greater focus on sustainability with our partners

How we calculate ProtectBox NetZero Scores

Our proprietary NetZero score includes a wide range of data sources and factors to provide buyers with the best possible information to support their decision-making process when selecting a company to buy from.

The ProtectBox NetZero score evaluates the company (rather than the product which is rated in the separate customer reviews section).

The NetZero score assesses how environmentally responsible the company producing the product you are considering buying is in experts and our own opinions.

How we calculate NetZero scores:

  1. Publicly available data
  2. Other data sources including energy efficiency ratings
  3. Data provided to us directly by suppliers

Our own goals for sustainability at ProtectBox

Our current pattern of living requires 1.7 earths.

We all need to play our part in improving sustainability. That's why we are committed to only work with providers who meet our NetZero goals and who are making strides in their environmental, social and fair governance goals.

ProtectBox is aligned to the Clean Growth Strategy, helping improve business and industry efficiency by identifying risks and recommending mitigants for those risks.

We only work with providers who meet our sustainability standards

We are making great progress towards our goal of being 100% CarbonNeutral by 2040

We are 100% committed to and aligned with the Clean Growth Strategy

Why work with ProtectBox?

Award-winning technology and leadership

We're building trust and confidence with responsible AI

User-friendly portal, creating a great customer experience

Useful analytics to help you see what sells best

White-label option to create a new product to offer your clients

Easily source the most sustainable solutions

First to bundle cyber products and tailor to user requirements

Plug and play option to integrate in your own technology stack

Increase brand awareness and recognition

Sustainable, inclusive, accessible offering

Create your own ethical AI marketplace

1. Advise/Assess Adapt our knowledge base Search, import of answers from your systems

Customise our Assessment Ask a friend, languages, voice to text, video etc
2. Match Adapt our on-boardng of suppliers Direct sign-up or indirect api integration

Adapt our Comparisons dashboard For your or your customers’ needs
3. Bundle/Predict Adapt our AI Algorithms, mapping, self-learning & prediction

Data Classification, standardization, we can advise how to do it or do it for you
4. Get/Rate Adapt our purchasing or provisioning of solutions, policy &/or regulation Integrating with many different system types

Customisation of our Ratings/Reviews & NetZero score Of your solutions & you/suppliers selling your solutions

5. Subscribe & More Adapt our subscription service Unlimited access to customers’ answers / solutions. Bespoke news, updates etc

Commercialisation of our adapted AI solutions for you Adapt our Blog feeds, join the ‘Family’ feature & more

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