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Cybercrime impacts every business at some stage

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and with our reliance on technologies to run our businesses, these attacks threaten our very survival.

Our award-winning, responsible AI makes it easy for techies and non-techies to find the perfect match for all your cybersecurity needs, in one place.

Marketplace (Cybersecurity & more) as a service

ProtectBox is the go-to platform for businesses looking for jargon-free cybersecurity bundles to protect every area of their business. We have built ProtectBox with your specific frustrations and needs in mind.

Our pioneering search and comparison engine has been developed by a team of cyber and data experts from government and industry backgrounds. We also partner with orgnaisations who are the voice of small businesses.

Our free comparison tool uses our award-winning algorithms to find the perfect cybersecurity bundles tailored to your business' needs.

No bias. No jargon. Just a fast, easy to understand solution to your problem.

What our customers say about us

Why use ProtectBox?

Perfect match recommendations for your business' needs

Jargon-free and user-friendly

Clean growth strategy. We have built our technology in Cloud providers who aim to be net-zero by 2040

No bias in recommendations

"Ask a friend" option for non-techies

Award-winning AI and data analytics

Removing barriers to entry. Anyone can access cybersecurity

Free to use (first time)

Bringing diversity through inclusivity to the cybersecurity market

Auto CISO - Subscribe for the cost of a coffee for easy renewal and information management

Exciting News

We have exciting plans at ProtectBox to extend our offering further. If you want to buy or can sell B2C, Infrastructure (B2I e.g. hospitals, schools, universities) or Government (B2G) products, please register your interest and we'll get in touch to discuss.

Use Cases

We're building trust and confidence with our responsible AI across the following use cases and industries


Extended their product offering to include a security marketplace by showing link to our website. Integrated with their API to auto-pull customer data
Find out how


Extended their product offering to include a cybersecurity comparison marketplace App while keeping data localised
Find out how

Wellbeing App

Award-winning algorithm repurposed for non-cybersecurity applications
Find out how


Co-promotion of ProtectBox’s values, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of backers such as Salesforce & Google
Find out how

How it works


Register & answer our questionnaire. Techies, this'll take minutes. Non-techies, 1 hour maximum & you don't have to answer all the techie questions.


Techies, tell us your budget breakdown by category & our AI will do rest. Non-techies, you can "ask a friend". Easily import answers from Sage, Xero (& more) or delegate to your team. Our jargon-free ProtectBox team are on-hand for further support.


Receive your six personalised bundles of recommendations for comparison, including product descriptions and reviews from real users (not other suppliers). Personalise bundles further, using the sliders and filters in our tool that let you personalise by risk score, budget or supplier.


Once happy with your choice, buy in one. click, via credit card (3 months interest-free option available or pay with government grants).

Auto-CISO: Alternatively, for a small subscription fee, save your information, market news, best buys and more, for easy ongoing management.


Be 100% happy with what you've bought. If you're not, then we'll arrange a refund. Or leave a Review about your order/suppliers, to help other customers get better service next time!

What makes us different?

We're not only making cybersecurity simple, we're also changing hearts and minds.

Small and medium businesses trust and engage with us because we are one too.

We're all about collaboration, empowerment, challenging the norms of who can work in cyber, by hiring ex-forces, graduates, returners-to-work, etc. and making it fun along the way.

This is why our customers, partners, investors and supporters are all as much a part of the ProtectBox family as our team.

Reducing bias and increasing diversity

Reducing bias in the cybersecurity marketplace and increasing diversity is at the heart of everything we do.

We use data from a broad spectrum of diverse sources, both direct and indirect.

This includes real customer reviews, from people like you, rather than industry experts as this provides a more realistic marketplace for everyone.

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Marketplace (Cybersecurity & more) as a service

For techies:

  • Within 1 hour, receive tailored recommendations for all of your business' cybersecurity needs
  • Responsible AI for the perfect match
  • No bias
  • Creating inclusion and bringing diversity to the cybersecurity space
  • Easily import data from your Sage or Xero

For non-techies:

  • Jargon-free, easy to complete questionnaire
  • "Ask a friend" option
  • ProtectBox support team on hand to help
  • Responsible AI recommending the perfect match for all of your business' cybersecurity needs
  • Making cybersecurity accessible for everyone