Marketplace (Cybersecurity & more) as a service

ProtectBox is the go-to platform for businesses looking for jargon-free cybersecurity bundles to protect every area of their business. We have built ProtectBox with your specific frustrations and needs in mind.

Our pioneering search and comparison engine has been developed by a team of cyber and data experts from government and industry backgrounds. We also partner with orgnaisations who are the voice of small businesses.

Our free comparison tool uses our award-winning algorithms to find the perfect cybersecurity bundles tailored to your business' needs.

No bias. No jargon. Just a fast, easy to understand solution to your problem.

Use Cases

We're building trust and confidence with our responsible AI across the following use cases and industries


Extended their product offering to include a security marketplace by showing link to our website. Integrated with their API to auto-pull customer data
Find out how


Extended their product offering to include a cybersecurity comparison marketplace App while keeping data localised
Find out how

Wellbeing App

Award-winning algorithm repurposed for non-cybersecurity applications
Find out how


Co-promotion of ProtectBox’s values, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of backers such as Salesforce & Google
Find out how

Why work with ProtectBox?

Award-winning technology and leadership

We're building trust and confidence with responsible AI

User-friendly portal, creating a great customer experience

Useful analytics provided to help you understand what your customers want (Subscription only)

White-label option to create a new product to offer your clients

Generate sales - not just leads. We do the hard work for you

First to bundle cyber products and tailor to user requirements

Plug and play option to integrate in your own technology stack

Increase brand awareness and recognition

Sustainable, fully-inclusive offering that makes cybersecurity accessible to everyone. But protection (beyond security) too

Our partners and investors

Working with 10+ (shown below) & on-boarding a further 200+ around the world

Exciting News

We have exciting plans at ProtectBox to extend our offering further. If you want to buy or can sell B2C, Infrastructure (B2I e.g. hospitals, schools, universities) or Government (B2G) products, please register your interest and we'll get in touch to discuss.

Ready to get started?

It's simple to get started. Generate sales within minutes.

  • Register for a ProtectBox account
  • Complete our user-friendly questionnaire
  • Add your payment details. See our transparent pricing here
  • Press the 'submit' button and wait for the sales to come in
  • While you're waiting for the sales, you can review your analytics
    to understand exactly what your potential customers are
    looking for, to further optimise your ofering

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