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Emma Middleton
CMO, ProtectBox
Aug 6th, 2021

Cybersecurity Threats: How Do I Protect My Family?

Finding (and understanding) cybersecurity software for yourself is hard enough, let alone for your entire family. You can waste hours searching and comparing endless options when you don’t understand the technological jargon. Let’s be realistic, outside of software developers and industry pros—who does?

There is an untold number of cybersecurity threats, and searching for one solution to combat them doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Every family has a completely unique mix of people with unique devices, software and safety concerns. So, how can you protect your family without reluctantly embarking on cybersecurity training? 

Before we start, here are the questions that will help you find the right software solution for your family: 

  • How do your family members access the internet?
  • What devices do they use?
  • Do you have any protection on your home wifi network?
  • Does each device have up to date software and cybersecurity programmes?
  • Does your household understand their online presence and the cybersecurity risks that come with it?  

So, now you know where you stand. What can you do next to protect and educate your family? We’ve got six places for you to start. 

Automate Your Cybersecurity  

Automating your cybersecurity addresses all the issues mentioned above, simultaneously. Many cybersecurity software programs include advanced protection features that automate the online safeguarding of your family, so this software can do the grunt work while protecting you against cyberattacks. 

This is where we come in. Our cybersecurity marketplace, ProtectBox, makes it quick and easy to configure the right cyber protection for your needs. Our packages offer advanced features specially adapted for children and busy households. Just log in to use our cybersecurity selection tool. There’s no tech knowledge required as our platform makes suggestions based on your security goals. We take the pain out of selecting the right cyber tools, and make it a slick and easy process. Our solutions are tailored for everyday people, not just cybersecurity experts.   

Reduce Your Family’s Risk While Travelling

When we travel for business, our minds are on work. When we travel with our families, we’re relaxed. This makes us an ideal target for cyber criminals. A family (or any group) will move from place to place, carrying various devices in differing security states. It’s easier to unknowingly hang around in high-risk cybercrime areas and engage in risky online behaviour when you’re in a foreign country. 

Here are some additional risks

  • Hotels and cafes with unsecured wi-fi
  • USB charging ports that can clone sensitive data
  • Losing devices in public places; beaches, bars, hotel rooms, trains and planes
  • Being unfamiliar with local areas and customs
  • Being targeted Train stations and airports can be organised crime hot spots

With all this in mind, you need to check your cybersecurity controls before you depart. There are infinite ways in which travelers are vulnerable to cyber threats ( Unsecured wifi networks leave your private data vulnerable, and some even find victims by pretending to be a free wi-fi network. This is called a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. 

Ensure your devices have up to date software and firewalls. Use a VPN where necessary and (of course) security software is a no brainer. To ensure all your devices are protected, you need to do this before you travel. All these online safety tools (and more) can be selected with confidence by using ProtectBox, our AI-driven cybersecurity software matching service. 

You still have the power to keep your loved ones safe on holiday, even if you’re not there yourself. Browse our selection and send a family member a ProtectBox gift card, it can be redeemed for a specified plan or any package they wish.

Protect Family Members Who Aren’t Comfortable with Tech  

Having grown up before digital devices were invented, older relatives can feel less confident with technology. Although they use devices and platforms daily, they can do so without understanding what a cybersecurity risk even looks like. With ProtectBoxyour elders can add you as a delegate on their account, giving you supervisory control over their plan; don’t let a lack of tech confidence leave them vulnerable to cybercrime. 

They may be prone to fraudulent schemes such as phishing, (fraudulent e-mails that look like official companies) or smishing (very convincing fraudulent texts) or vishing, (fraudulent phone-based schemes). Having open and honest conversations around these cyber risks increases their awareness and reduces their chances of becoming victims.   

Automate Their Device and Network Protection   

Enter their requirements and security goals into ProtectBox. Our cybersecurity tool uses AI matching technology to find the best software package to meet elders’ needs. Many of our cybersecurity packages actively eliminate cyber risks, flag up potential dangers and wrap a precious layer of security around our more vulnerable family members. 

Our plans are often gifted to both family and friends whether it’s birthday, Christmas, a home move or just because they care.

Protecting Children from Cybercrime  

Kids are spending more time than ever with digital devices—often on their own. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a huge surge in cybercrime (Interpol) and online predators have quickly evolved to exploit these circumstances, leaving children vulnerable to abuse. 

Unfortunately, child exploitation knows no barriers. While parents try to understand cybersecurity on their children’s behalf, many are still unaware of the dangers lurking in their digital devices, apps, social media platforms and online activities. Oftentimes, parents aren’t aware that abuse has taken place in their own home. 

Here are some of the common cyberthreats children deal with: 

  • Cyberbullying – Bullying is not restricted to the playground. Cyberbullying can have devastating consequences for the children involved. As a parent, this form of online abuse can happen right under your nose.
  • Online grooming – Cyber predators target children by posing as other children and befriending them, before trying to manipulate them.
  • Phishing scams – These are super enticing schemes offering things that appeal to kids, like online games or prizes.
  • Vulnerable devices – This is especially important with mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. They can be taken out of the home, or into school and the classroom. Do you know what apps your children are using, and the level of protection they offer?
  • Oversharing of personal information – Whether it’s a password, a picture or sharing personal details—the internet has no delete button. Once information is out there, it cannot be taken back. Damaging online material can come back to affect children in the future, with the potential to limit their career choices.
  • Cyber cheating – In the age of the Zoom based classroom, this crime is becoming more common.

ProtectBox Makes Sense of Online Security to Keep Your Friends and Family Safe   

We are a trusted cybersecurity software and resource marketplace, and we cut the time and confusion out of the cybersecurity process. We know each family is different, with different security needs, so we configure a software package that is unique to your family. Plus, with our multibuy option, you can protect your family, businesses, parents, and friends all in one click.

ProtectBox, we keep ourselves up to date with the latest cybersecurity industry trends, regulations, and risks—so you don’t have to. We look at the technology you use and how you use it, so we can provide the cybersecurity measures you need to protect your family.

Our AI-based software matching engine uses automation to get protection in place both quickly and easily. We’ll get you set up and give you peace of mind, with our friendly team providing ongoing support for any questions you might have during your cybersecurity selection journey.