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No bias. No jargon  Let us do the hard work so you can grow your business

Cybercrime impacts every business at some stage stay ahead with our free AI- powered comparison tool

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Stand out to your audience through our expert-verified matching AI

We have listened to you worked with governments and partners to give you the user-friendly, ethical marketplace you asked us for

Why everybody loves ProtectBox

Why use ProtectBox?

Perfect match recommendations

User-friendly bundle comparisons

NetZero score to make an informed choice

Unbiased data e.g. real customer reviews

Ask a friend Import from 3rd party systems

Award-winning AI and data analytics

Accessible security (& wider Protection)

Free to use
(first time)

Diversity through inclusivity

Unlimited access for the cost of a coffee

How it works

01 Advice

Register Help at hand in Search, FAQs or ask the team on
02 Assess

Use our features to answer questions Ask a friend. Import from third parties
03 Compare

Compare your bundles Personalise by budget, brand name, rating, risk score
04 Buy

Buy in 1-click Free to use (1 st time). Spread payments
Subscribe monthly Unlimited access to answers,deals
05 Rate

Rate/Review Free to use (1 st time). Spread payments
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What makes us different?

Removing bias to create a fair marketplace for everyone
Removing bias in the cybersecurity marketplace and increasing diversity is at the heart of everything we do. We use data from a broad spectrum of diverse sources and are 80% diversely staffed.

This includes real customer reviews, from people like you, rather than industry experts as this provides a more realistic marketplace for everyone.
We only work with providers who meet our NetZero standards
Clean Growth Strategy & UN Sustainable Development Goals, aligned.

Our NetZero score shows you how environmentally responsible the company producing the solution you are buying is in experts and our own opinions.

100% CarbonNeutral by 2040.
User-friendly, matching/bundling & predictive trending
Jargon-free, easy to complete questionnaire with "Ask a friend" option. Customer service on hand.

Responsible AI recommending the perfect match for all of your protection needs. Making it accessible for everyone.

Adapt each step of our AI marketplace to suit your needs.

How we're helping our partners

We're supporting our partners in building trust and confidence with our responsible AI across the following use cases and industries

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