Ethical AI marketplaces for everyone

ProtectBox is an ethical AI marketplace as a service with user-friendly features that recommend perfect bundles of solutions (including products, people and processes) to individuals, businesses, governments, infrastructure and partner organisations. All tailored perfectly to your needs

Our pioneering search and comparison engine has been developed by a team of cyber and data experts from government and industry backgrounds.

We partner with organisations who meet our diversity goals and global NetZero standards, supporting our mission of creating ethical and diverse technology platforms.

Our award-winning AI platform is not just designed for cybersecurity. It's also perfect for AgriTech, HealthTech, FinTech, DefenseTech and EdTech solutions and more.

No bias. No jargon. Just a fast, easy to understand solution to your problem.

Why use ProtectBox?

Perfect match recommendations for your business' needs

Jargon-free, user-friendly AI platform with built-in voice to text*, video consultation* and language translation (*coming soon)

ProtectBox includes a NetZero score for each provider to help you make an informed choice

Reduces bias in marketplace by using data from multiple sources including real customer reviews

"Ask a friend" option for non-techies and ability to import from Sage, Xero etc.

Award-winning AI and data analytics

Removing barriers to entry. Anyone can access a fair marketplace

Create your own policy, regulatory or behaviour driven platform or marketplace

Bringing diversity through inclusivity to the cybersecurity market

Auto CISO - Subscribe for the cost of a coffee for easy renewal and information management

Why everybody loves ProtectBox

What makes us different?

Removing bias to create a fair marketplace for everyone
Removing bias in the cybersecurity marketplace and increasing diversity is at the heart of everything we do. We use data from a broad spectrum of diverse sources and are 80% diversely staffed.

This includes real customer reviews, from people like you, rather than industry experts as this provides a more realistic marketplace for everyone.
We only work with providers who meet our NetZero standards
Clean Growth Strategy & UN Sustainable Development Goals, aligned.

Our NetZero score shows you how environmentally responsible the company producing the solution you are buying is in experts and our own opinions.

100% CarbonNeutral by 2040.
User-friendly, matching/bundling & predictive trending
Jargon-free, easy to complete questionnaire with "Ask a friend" option. Customer service on hand.

Responsible AI recommending the perfect match for all of your protection needs. Making it accessible for everyone.

Adapt each step of our AI marketplace to suit your needs.

How we're helping our partners

We're supporting our partners in building trust and confidence with our responsible AI across the following use cases and industries

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