Award-winning ethical, fair and inclusive AI marketplace

ProtectBox is the go-to platform for citizens, businesses, governments, smart cities looking for jargon-free AI bundles to protect themselves. Our award-winning, responsible AI is eliminating bias and creating a fair and inclusive marketplace for everyone.

We are a fairly priced marketplace, founded in 2017, by CEO, Kiran Bhagotra. After she left her Security role in the UK government’s Cabinet Office, Kiran realised businesses were spending huge amounts, but also getting a bad deal when buying security.

We don't think that is fair, which is why we are transparent (showing Supplier prices online, not just referring you to a Supplier who could then increase their price) and in-line with the market. We offer you both in-direct and direct sales of Suppliers’ products/services to ensure the prices you see are market aligned.

We're also not just about improving the process, but championing all of our customers to receive fairer deals. We are more approachable for you by hiring those that wouldn't normally be seen as the norm for cybersecurity.

We’re ‘less geek’ and a family, who're not just our staff, but our customers, partners, investors and more.

Whats Important to Us

Supporting Women in AI and bringing women into the cybersecurity space

50% diversity targets for team hires and partners

Clean growth strategy aligned, we show NetZero score on solutions we sell & aim to be 100% CarbonNeutral by 2040

Reducing bias in our algorithm to create a fair marketplace for buyers and suppliers

Supporting businesses affected by COVID-19 and UN sustainable development goals

Meet the team

Our partners and investors

Working with 10+ (shown below) & on-boarding a further 200+ around the world

Our Story

Our founder, Kiran Bhagotra, is a third-time, successful entrepreneur. Kiran left her UK government role in the Cabinet Office promoting UK cyber globally to put her (little) money where her (big) mouth is' to disrupt the unacceptable security gap for small and medium businesses globally.

Protection is a right we all deserve and we are making it a reality, by automating empowerment. Using an independent plug and play marketplace, global strategic alliances, regulation focus and sales analytics, our aim is to create a diverse and ethical AI marketplace for everyone.

Developed our AI in cybersecurity, which we're now adapting to wider protection.



In the beginning...

Mission and purpose


ProtectBox officially launched globally
What's next

March 2020

Where we're heading...

1 minute pitch

3 minute pitch

What makes us different?

Removing bias to create a fair marketplace for everyone
Removing bias in the cybersecurity marketplace and increasing diversity is at the heart of everything we do. We use data from a broad spectrum of diverse sources and are 80% diversely staffed.

This includes real customer reviews, from people like you, rather than industry experts as this provides a more realistic marketplace for everyone.
We only work with providers who meet our NetZero standards
Clean Growth Strategy & UN Sustainable Development Goals, aligned.

Our NetZero score shows you how environmentally responsible the company producing the solution you are buying is in experts and our own opinions.

100% CarbonNeutral by 2040.
User-friendly, matching/bundling & predictive trending
Jargon-free, easy to complete questionnaire with "Ask a friend" option. Customer service on hand.

Responsible AI recommending the perfect match for all of your protection needs. Making it accessible for everyone.

Adapt each step of our AI marketplace to suit your needs.

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