About Us

Our Story

Beginning (2016)

Our founder, a 3rd time entrepreneur, left her UK government (Cabinet Office promoting UK cyber globally) role to 'put her (little) money where her (big) mouth is' to disrupt the 'unacceptable security gap' for small and medium businesses globally - despite having no background in coding.

Mission (Jan 2017)

'Go-to' cyber marketplace for small, medium businesses & suppliers globally. Security a right all deserve, we make it a reality by automating empowerment. Using an independent plug and play marketplace, global strategic alliances, regulation focus & novel sales analytics.

Purpose (Mar 2017)

We're not only making cybersecurity simple, we're also changing hearts & minds. Small and medium businesses can trust & engage with us. We're all about collaboration, empowerment, challenging norms of who can work in cyber by hiring ex-forces, graduates, returners etc. & fun. This is why our customers, partners, investors, supporters etc, are all as much a part of the ProtectBox family as our staff.

Process (Jun 2017)

Automates the buying of cyber security (technology, people, processes) to be quick, affordable and simple. In an hour, business owners or IT managers can go from filling out our online form to personalising our six comparisons to downloading the bundle of technology, training & processes they've just bought. Without wasting the thousands of pounds & weeks it takes to find them right now.

Partnerships (Sep 2017)

Trusted accountants, telcos, banks, insurers.any data service provider including governments refer us to businesses (we're sold as a cyber add-on in same way as insurance add-ons are sold with banking products). Existing marketplaces (our competitiors) partnering to refer suppliers to us. 4 government & corporate partners signed, 10+ in the pipeline.

Product (launch 2020)

Businesses pay us nothing, the first time they use our comparisons. After that they pay a small annual Subscription for ongoing access & updates on market news. We get a re-seller affiliate fee from Suppliers. Multi-lingual website, with customer services on the phone/chat & lots of ways to pay even spreading the cost over a year. Mobile apps available too.


Kiran Bhagotra

Founder & CEO


Prof. Kevin Curran

Advisor (Technical)

Team 2

Technical (Outsourced)

Team 2

Customer Service (Outsourced)


Omar Al-Busaidy

Advisor (Exporting)


Malcolm Warr OBE

Advisor (Channels)


Dr Sheila Cobourne

Advisor (Technical)


Operations Global (Outsourced)


Marketing (Outsourced)

Partners / Investors